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We’ve been seeing (and hearing) a lot of Strings at concerts since they bid adieu to Coke Studio last season, and we’re loving the fact that they’re all revved up to celebrate 30 years of their music career with a treat for fans. The band, featuring Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, has been hard at work and is ready to release 8 new singles to celebrate 30 years of Strings, the first two tracks being Sajni and ‘Urr Jaaon’.

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While fans have been happy with the live shows they’ve been putting up, it’s great news to know we’ll have more Strings’ songs to enjoy in the future. The band earlier shared an image of Bilal Maqsood with father and lyricist, Anwar Maqsood giving away the good news. The image came with a tagline that caught our attention: “lyrics for a new song”.


Following this, we couldn’t wait to witness the magic of this new song! The band has also been sharing throwback posts of their classic songs, reminding us what a powerhouse of talent that they truly are!


Here’s a teaser of their new music video: