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While many bands come and go, Strings is one that is here to stay. Making headlines for all the right reasons, the band that is celebrating 30 years with their album titled 30 performed in front of a crowd like never before. ConnectHear and Habib University hosted Pakistan’s first ever Deaf-Inclusive concert featuring Strings setting a brand new benchmark and making social inclusion a reality!

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Absolutely humbled and grateful to ConnectHear and Habib University for giving them this opportunity, Strings shared their experience with Something Haute.

“It was a very humbling experience and we’ve never experienced that before. And you know it was great to see the students gelling in with these brave and special guests who were present there,” shared Faisal Kapadia.

“There was one interpreter on the stage translating all the songs, word by word into sign language. And it was surely a magical experience. It was so good to see everyone enjoying a concert together without any division or discrimination,” he added, hoping we have more initiatives and ventures like this in the future too. “I think we need more initiatives like these! And it was an opportunity for us to be there and perform at this concert.”



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More power to Strings and ConnectHear! We look forward to more social inclusivity and great entertainment for all!