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‘Sajni’ is all the reassurance we needed from Strings.

This year Strings are celebrating 30 years in music with an album, aptly titled Thirty, from which they dropped the first single yesterday. ‘Sajni’ therefore comes as a reassuring love ballad in quintessential Strings’ style, a style and sound that we have loved for three decades too. Featuring Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood, ‘Sajni’ is written by Anwer Maqsood – lyricist behind countless Strings hit songs – and the video has been directed by Yasir Jaswal.

It’s a happy, upbeat and playful number that taps into a retro vibe, connecting Strings today to the three decades they have worked through. There’s maturity and depth of experience, and yet with Faisal smiling through the video, you get an extremely fresh and optimistic vibe, which is contagious.

Why are they dropping singles on the internet as opposed to releasing an album the conventional way?

“In thirty years we’ve seen so many different mediums and platforms,” Faisal said in a Facebook live session yesterday. “Things have gone from cassettes to CDs and now it’s all about music streaming apps and YouTube. That’s what it’s going to be about now because we realize that our community – people that we make music for – is there. This community is what matters to us most.” It’s cute how they refer to fans as their ‘community’.

Strings have already shot three videos from the new album, one of which has been directed by Jami. “The album would be incomplete without having Jami on it,” Faisal said.

“We’re exploring a whole new sound in Thirty,” Bilal said about the new album, singles from which they will release over the next few months. We have to say we’re looking forward to it eagerly, especially since it comes with a promise of concerts and videos too.

There’s a whole new level of energy to Strings now, after 30 years, several studio albums and four successful seasons at Coke Studio and it’s reassuring to see them still together and still making great music. Here’s to the remaining 7 songs on the album!

PS. Does anyone in Pakistan have better vocals than Faisal Kapadia?


You can also hear the video here: