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NOTE: If you’re planning to watch Teefa In Trouble and don’t like spoilers it’s best you don’t read this.

Teefa in Trouble premiered with great fanfare in Karachi last night. And of course we were amongst the first batch of people who got to watch the film. While you will have to wait a little bit longer for our detailed review of the film, here’s an interesting piece of information we thought you’d love to hear.


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One of the plot points of the film is that Teefa — Ali’s character in the film — has a lifelong desire to open a tikka shop which he wants to call Teefay de tikkay. Now when everything else is said and done, right at the end of the film, Teefa is finally able to fulfill his wish and is able to open up Teefay De Tikkay. But guess who is the brand ambassador of his restaurant?


It’s none other than Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh!!

Yes, you read that right! The movie ends with a huge billboard of Ranveer Singh shown eating a tikka and endorsing Teefay de tikkay. Of course, it would have been amazing to have Ranveer physically in the film or do a cameo, but we think it was still sweet of him to let Ali use his picture.



Talking about Ranveer’s endorsement, Ali said to Something Haute, “I told him I wanted a picture of him eating a tikka for that sequence and he said that was no issue. He took a picture and sent to me.”

Ali and Ranveer have previously worked together in Yash Raj’s Kill Dil which also featured Govinda. It’s nice to know their friendship is still strong and of course it’s pretty cool to have Ranveer associate with a Pakistani film.