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Sonya Hussyn is an actor par excellence and her body of work is proof of her craft. Hence, it is always good to witness when a good actor encourages and praises fellow actors who are also making great contributions to the entertainment industry. Recently, Sonya held a Q&A session on her Instagram during which she was asked about her peers: Sajal Aly, Ayeza Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Hira Mani and Mansha Pasha, all phenomenal actors as well.

Sonya wholeheartedly praised them. “Extremely humble and super talented. Love her eyes though Masha Allah,” she responded about Sajal.



While answering a query about Ayeza Khan, Sonya wrote: “So pretty and versatile Masha Allahm an inspiration for all working moms.”



She said that she loves everything about Yumna Zaidi and listed Yumna, Sajal and Sania Saeed in her favourite female actresses.




When asked about Saba Qamar, Sonya called her a “woman of strength”.



Talking about Hira Mani, Sonya thinks she is “a sensitive actress and a cutie pie” while Mansha Pasha, her co-star in Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida, is “a beauty with brains”.




It was heartening to see such a genuine exchange and we wish to see some of these powerhouse performers together in a project.