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With the auspicious Year of the Dog upon us according to the Chinese calendar, it marks the start of the Lunar New Year – which brings the traits of loyalty to the forefront. While the event is being celebrated throughout the world, brands in Pakistan too, have given the festival a special meaning in their own unique way. One prominent example is Sonraj, which recently revealed a special surprise for the Chinese citizens in Pakistan.

The reputable luxury watch company has become the bastion of Chinese New Year celebrations in Pakistan by taking an initiative to decorate their stores in hues or red – which are an extremely sacred colour in Chinese culture.



The crowd inside the store.


With the growing number of Chinese residents in the country, Sonraj saw a number of people visiting the store to celebrate the event. The celebration was inaugurated by an exclusive promotion for the Chinese residents at all retail stores, along with their main store at Dolmen Mall Clifton.

Apart from the celebratory décor, it was also a major moment when Mr. Rameez Sattar – CEO Sonraj, was present to welcome the Chinese visitors himself at the DMC store.

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