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Whether you like bohemian chic, modern prints or good-old florals, your choice of bed linen is a sure shot way to quickly elevate the style of your bedroom without tearing down walls or redecorating. The right bedding brings colour, personal style, and comfort to the bedroom. Ideas by Gul Ahmed is determined to provide the same warmth and convenience with their recent collection of Ideas Home bedding. Their pieces cover everything you need to create a luxurious and sophisticated bedroom.

You will always remember the most comfortable bed you ever slept in and bed sheets are crucial because they come in direct contact with your skin. The quality of sheets is as important as a comfy, high quality mattress and a cozy blanket to send you off to dreamland. Here’s a solid guideline to picking the best and most suitable bedsheets for you…


Patterned & pretty sheets

Cotton is considered to be the most popular and practical bed sheet fabric due to its durability, comfort and breathability. Ideas has combined comfort and luxury together by offering luxury bedding to give your room a grand look. The possibilities to experiment are vast: this Rose Bloom design looks fantastic in season-appropriate plum shade.



For earthy brown and greyish blue tones, go for Indian designs with paisleys and motifs. Bright palettes create an energetic ambiance, so get inventive and blend colour schemes.



A fun way is to arrange pillows creatively. For an uncluttered look, prop large, square pillows behind the ones you use for sleeping. Buy throw pillows and cushions in contrasting shapes, coverings and sizes. Ideas has a range of vibrant cushions in floral prints.



Duvet covers & quilt covers

Duvets add a lavish fullness to the bed, and the medium-weight ones are perfect for all seasons. Duvet covers keep your duvets clean and fresh. You can choose one to use year-round, or change multiple covers according to holidays, seasons or your mood. Ideas offer duvet covers in printed as well as dyed varieties. Be it in a checkered print or a soft shade; choose a design that fits well with your interiors.



Another way to amplify the look of your room is by using curtains as a creative headboard. It lets you update your room to fit every season and mood.

Also, mirrors are a pretty magical design element. They make any space feel larger, brighter, and more unique, whether you decide to hang them or simply prop one up against the wall.


Bridal accents

Cozy velvet adds an instant feeling of luxury to a bed. Ideas stock a variety of bridal sheets in rich jewel tones with velvet and jacquard textures. We particularly fell in love with an aurora pink jacquard set; it feels sophisticated but not stuffy in a bedroom setting.  However, layering is key to a beautiful bridal bed. It gives your bedroom space an instantly glamorous upgrade, in addition to providing you a cozy environment.


Less can be more by designing you bedroom look around a statement art piece. Add a neon sculpture or a metal art piece which will stand out beautifully against muted walls. But there is no need to go overboard: pick one piece that speaks to you and it can be a beautiful painting.

Last but not the least, when opting for a bed sheet, coordinate your bedding to your furniture for a seamless look. Bright patterns tend to pair nicely with dark woods, while single tones go great with modern furnishings. Ideas by Gul Ahmed has covered all these bedding ideas for you to find a style that speaks to you.

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