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Director Sohail Javed is currently busy shooting for his upcoming digital feature film You Me Us starring Fahad Sheikh, who rose to fame following his blockbuster drama Jalan. The actor also starred in the director’s short film, Naam Kya Rakha which came as an absolute treat for the fans.

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Fahad Sheikh earlier revealed that he’s playing the role of Ali opposite Mahenur Haider Khan’s character Ayra. The teaser, which has been released recently, gave us a glimpse of their chemistry and so far, it looks cute.




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“It’s a very heartfelt story about a young couple who does everything in a rush. However, life cannot be rushed and you have to wait to make a few decisions,” said the director when asked about the plot.

“It’s a nice, cute, young, romantic film with lots of good music,” he further added, revealing that they haven’t decided which platform the digital film would be released on. “We’re going to look for the best option available.”

The director said that, right now, the main focus is to complete the shoot and wrap it up.

When asked about his work relationship with Fahad Sheikh and why he continues to work with him in back to back projects, he said that he enjoys working with him.

“People think that Fahad is my new found love since I praise him a lot and continue doing projects with him,” he said adding that there are, in fact, a few more projects lined up for the future as well.



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“Firstly, he’s a very good human being which is very important for me. Secondly, he’s very well-behaved which is again an important characteristic. I do not like ill-mannered people,” he said adding that Fahad is a very hardworking actor.

Sohail also revealed that the female lead of his film, Mahenur Haider Khan would often feel insecure and call Fahad his favourite child. “This is not entirely wrong,” he laughed, stating that while he likes working with Fahad, in a country like ours, when you have so many projects with one actor, that often leads to raised eyebrows. “However, I have been working with him and it has been a good experience so far,” he concluded.