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Pakistan is a mango loving nation and that is absolutely no secret at all. Every year, we wait for Spring/Summer so we can enjoy our favourite fruit. In fact, if we could store and enjoy that pure mango pleasure throughout the year, we would.

Good news is that now we can actually celebrate mango season, 365 days a year! Introducing the season as one of colour, flavour and a whole lot of love, Slice has come up with its very own explanation of pure pleasure.

Shot in stunning locations, with nature at its best and the gorgeous new brand ambassadors, Alyzeh Gabol and Shazia Naz on board, the brand is all set to break through the juice market, painting a beautiful picture of Spring in Pakistan.

It’s the little pleasures in life that count, don’t they? So sip on some mango goodness and turn your days around with Slice. It is the finest tasting mango drink in the country offering mango lovers the ultimate mango pleasure that they crave for.


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