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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought chaos to our daily lives, changing the way we look at the world. This global pandemic is not only a public health crisis but also a psychological one. We are collectively grieving multiple losses which include lost jobs, lost connections, lost opportunities to spend time with family and friends. Unfortunately, many of us lost have lost family members without having able to say goodbye for the last time.

Shuja Haider dedicates Mere Maula as a prayer to all the loved ones we have lost during the Covid-19 times. The prayer is guaranteed to touch hearts as it has been beautifully penned and composed by the musician.

The lyrics talk about remembering the good times when we could easily connect with our loved ones, share our sorrows and laughter. It then moves on to plead with God to bestow the world with His blessings as mercy. The world clearly misses the joy and laughter that it earlier took for granted.



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The world has seen enough loss in the previous year than it can bear. The lyrics will hit you hard if you’ve lost a loved one to Covid-19, or if you’ve experienced loss related to the pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak has given us a new appreciation for all that we took for granted in our pre-pandemic lives.

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People we were living our lives with yesterday are gone today. Life has become more uncertain than ever before. There is no quick fix for a global crisis, however, prayer seems to be the only comfort we have.

Listen to the complete prayer below: