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If there’s one Pakistani superstar who’s not only a pioneer in music but also in humanitarianism, it has to be Shehzad Roy. Whether it’s his numerous hit singles or his work with Zindagi trust, there’s no doubt that the singer’s contribution to Pakistan is invaluable. Now, adding another feather to his cap, the singer will soon make an entrance into the world of cinema.

Although his humanitarian work will continue, Shehzad is going to be part of two films, Instep reported.

“I’m acting in a movie,” Shehzad said. “We have two scripts with us right now. More than acting, the ambition is to make a film but yes, I am also acting. I won’t be the director of course, but I will have a role in the process of the film.”

Reportedly, the singer has been offered a script by Anwar Maqsood and another penned by Faisal Qureshi.

The singer also confirmed that his stint with films will happen soon, however, whether he’s acting in one is still dependent on whether he thinks he can.

“After PSL, things will concretize with the film. But as far as acting is concerned, I will only do it if I think I can,” the singer said. “That is why I’m a part of the process of the film. The role(s) are such that either they are in complete contrast to me or close to me, nothing is in between. It is more difficult to do a role that’s somewhere in the middle.”