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With Sheheryar Munawar and Mahira Khan’s characters in 7 Din Mohabbat In finally revealed, there has been major excitement about the release. However, even before their second film together premieres, the two are all set to star in their third venture together with Parey Hat Luv.

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“It’s still in the pre-production phase,” Sheheryar said, revealing that they plan to start shooting in Aug/Sept this year, with the release being scheduled for Eid-ul-Azha 2019.

Asim Raza is all set to take the director’s seat after his debut film Ho Mann Jahaan, which released 2 years ago, counting on Mahira and Sheheryar to re-create the magic on the silver screen for him.


Sheheryar Munawar will be producing Parey Hat Luv


“We are all friends and we share great chemistry and comradery. They say if you work with like-minded people you always do the best you can,” the Ho Mann Jahaan actor and producer added about working with the same team again. “The idea is to make Parey Hat Luv bigger and better than Ho Mann Jahaan.”

“He is a young confident guy, but he’s running away from commitment. How you deal with love is symbolic because it has a lot to do with a characters mental state,” he said about his character.

“The idea is to build upon our generation’s overall commitment phobia that exists,” Sheheryar explained the concept of the film. “It highlights the general attitude about running away from responsibility.”

“People switch jobs every two years, relationships don’t last, no one is ever happy with where they are, they change their hobbies and interests every two weeks. It’s a common fear that we have; that if we commit to one thing we’ll miss out on the other. So, because of that, we end up losing on the simple pleasures that life offers.”

Parey Hat Luv is a contemporary romantic comedy primarily set in Pakistan and Europe. It features an unlikely romance between a young free-willed, commitment-phobic man (Sheheryar) and a beautiful, strong-willed woman (Mahira).

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We also asked Sheheryar why he chose to work with Mahira for the third film? We’re not complaining but were curious to know about the special bond that they share and why she was chosen for this role.

“Mahira is beautiful inside and out,” he replied. “She’s an amazing human being, we enjoy the work that we do together and besides, she fits the characters like a glove.”

Penned by Imran Aslam, the story promises to be packed with the right dose of romance, emotion, drama and witty puns. Other than Mahira and Sheheryar the cast includes Nadeem Baig, Hina Dilpazeer, Ahmed Ali Butt, Zara Noor Abbass and Rachel Viccaji among others.

We’re excited about this one!