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Releasing the latest video of the Aagahi series — a public service campaign by SOC films aimed at informing and educating women in Pakistan about their legal rights, two-time Oscar-winning filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has now shared a 3-minute film explaining the rights that may be given to the bride via the ‘Nikahnama‘.

Renowned actor and representative of women empowerment, Aamina Sheikh has lent her voice for the campaign which further creates a powerful impact.

Marriage is not only a social or religious matter but also a legal concern, and similar to any other legal affair, it is important to know the legalities regarding a marriage contract that is a ‘Nikahnama’.

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Many women are unaware of their rights and this documentary answers many questions regarding what is given in the Mehr, the right of divorce (Talaq), and even the right to a predetermined monetary allowance the husband gives his wife every month, etc.

The video includes contact information for various helplines, counseling services, and legal support services available to people who may have questions regarding the matter.

Have a look: