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Shahroz Sabzwari made his big screen debut with Syed Noor’s film Chain Aye Na. However, the film ended up facing some seriously negative reviews and failed at the box office.

While some said it would be the death of Shahroz’s career, others believed it will be the death of Pakistani cinema.

The film is now getting its digital premiere on Amazon. “Fall. Stand. Learn. Adapt -‘Chain Aye Na’ gets it’s digital premiere on #amazon @amazon ALHAMDULILLAH,” shared Shehroz on social media.

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“Finally it gets its digital premiere and it’s on Amazon,” said the lead actor talking exclusively to Something Haute. “I’m really proud. However the film was, whatever happened during that time, I know everyone knows that but I stood by my film. It was my first film and for me the experience matters, not the end result.”

Talking about the experience, he said that the experience was great and it’s really close to his heart. Shahroz added that he would want his ‘critics’ and ‘lovers’ to both watch and enjoy the film.

We couldn’t help but ask the actor if he’d sign a film like Chain Aye Na, again. “An actor never really knows what the end result of a film would be. So, would I do a film like this again? Well, I can’t really say that.”

He added that there’s a lot of uncertainty involved. “You can choose the most perfect thing for yourself, yet you cannot be sure of its fate. We’ve seen examples of films which we thought were perfect but they ended up failing miserably at the box office.”

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“I’m doing two films right now, one is with Saira and the other is with Mariam Saleem; they’re both different scripts and I’m doing them. I sign films for the experience and the pleasure of acting. I’m an actor and I love my job.”

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