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After his success on television and film in the last few years, actor/director Sarmad Khoosat is all set to work on two upcoming film projects after finishing off with his theatre performance, No Time To Sleep.

According to a report in Instep, The Manto actor, who is currently rehearsing for his upcoming live performance– which features him as a prisoner on death-row, announced that he will begin shooting for his first film this year, while the second project starts in March 2019.

“I’m working on two films. The first one is a ‘badass’ kind of a feature film, the shooting for which will start in November,” he revealed. “As for the second film, the mood and genre is something that the audiences would love to watch and the shooting will begin sometime around March next year.”

The actor and director also shared that the script of the movie that will go on floors in November has been written by Nirmal Bano, a fresh graduate from NCA, while the storyline and plotting have been done by Sarmad, himself. The film will be in Punjabi. He further stated that all the pre-production work is done. “From the music to the casting, to script readings, to location markings, it is all done,” he added.

On the other hand, the second film, which is still under the writing process, has a script written by the actor. However, the titles for both the films and the cast have not been revealed as yet.

What are your thoughts on Sarmad’s upcoming projects?