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Sara Ali Khan had an ideal debut in the film industry where she was lauded and appreciated for her acting skills and charming personality. However, her debut magazine cover has not lived up to the expectations. Sara will be the face of Filmfare magazine’s March issue as she recently unveiled the cover. The pictures for the cover story were shot in Kenya where a few Masai tribesmen and women were featured in it. To Sara’s disappointment, her photoshoot didn’t go down well with the viewers.

Twitter users have expressed displeasure at the ‘tone deaf’ and ‘racist’ photoshoot for using a tribe as a prop in her pictures. One particular picture seems to be digitally edited where a man has been placed behind the actress. The man’s shadow is hid behind Sara and therefore it appears as if he has no shadow.

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Sara Ali Khan


Masai tribesmen are known for their ability to jump straight up and this may have resulted in the concealed shadow. A video of the shoot has also gone viral over the internet of the same shot.



While many are defending Sara that she hasn’t worn anything associated to the tribes’ culture. It should be noted that cultural appropriation isn’t limited to wearing a minority community’s traditional outfits or altering your look to superficially appear like them. It also includes using any culture, country or its people as a prop for your advantage.

Here are some reactions seen on Twitter: