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Sania Maskatiya has been having an incredibly busy month, showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, at the Lux Style Awards and at the Hum Showcase. And between all these activities on her home ground, she also found the time to fly out and participate in Beirut Fashion Week 2017 last night!

Sania Maskatiya displayed her luxury collection at the Beirut Fashion Week with a number of Lebanese designers and we couldn’t be more delighted! Beirut is now recognised as the fifth Fashion City after New York, London, Milan and Paris. Even though this is not the first time  she was showing her collections abroad, it’s still something that makes us extremely proud of the places international designers are headed internationally.



Umair Tabbani, the CEO of Sania Maskatiya told us a little about the idea behind the collection and why they picked Beirut this year. “Beirut was something that came across to us from the Pakistan Embassy and knowing the culture and the fashion intensity of the city, it wasn’t something we had to think about. We were extremely excited about it. The collection was a mixture of some of our old and new designs but our idea was to bring out the best of us because we were representing Pakistan. We wanted to keep the looks Pakistani while making them appeal to the international fashion industry. Most of the embroidery was hand-worked and the collection had kaftans, jackets, and peplum dresses.”