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With platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or even YouTube gaining massive popularity, stars have found a new cozy place to find artistic comfort in as digital platforms provide a certain level of creative liberty and originality. The Cake famed actress Sanam Saeed also wants to make the most of this digital revolution. She believes that television will be left behind if it doesn’t evolve according to the need of the hour.

While speaking to Something Haute at a recent event, the actress spoke about the importance of quality content on TV.

“With all these easily accessible web series platforms producing a variety of great content, how can we expect people to wait and watch a drama until or unless it is offering something exceptionally different? We have to move in the same direction [within the limitations for television] and turn our efforts up a notch; do more dramatic and engaging stories that will hook the viewers,” Sanam said.

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“I am constantly in talks with several people to be a part of web content as well. The question is that do we do purely Pakistani content and produce our own shows or should we collaborate with India? However, we all know the hot and cold relation the two nations share so will it be to okay to take an inch of the stick when they offer it? Then there is Hollywood where South Asians such as Riz Ahmed, Archie Punjabi, Dev Patel, Kumail Nanjiani all have become a big part of their storytelling,” Sanam commented.

Sanam’s look in Deedan


When asked about media’s role in educating the masses about social taboos and sensitive subjects such as sexual harassment, Sanam unreservedly endorses meaningful content.

“They [plays based on such themes] are necessary for recent times. TV and cinema are our biggest mediums of storytelling. Televison particularly has a wider reach and exposure, especially in rural areas where there is one television in the neighbourhood and families along with acquaintances sit together to watch a program. Everything they are learning about the outside world is from that idiot box,” she said while asking, “Why is it called an idiot box? Well… because some of the content is really mind-numbing while the rest is enlightening, educational and informative.”

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She further added that such plays shine light on subjects that are otherwise kept secret or considered taboos in our society. “I really appreciate the ones which provide a solution or show a positive ending. This gives hope, encouragement, and confidence to those are actually tackling issues of such magnitude in their lives. Dramas like Udaari, Meri Guriya, and Khuda Mera Bhi Hai are commendable. If nothing else, such content rewires your brain and give you a newer perspective to view things as not everyone is exposed to these harsh realities,” the actress said.

However, Sanam also emphasized that you cannot only do educational plays on TV. “You need some fluff along with substance. TV is all about variety; we should have all kinds of plays from moralistic, dramatic ones to filmy, lighthearted comic ones too,” Sanam asserted.

The actress can be currently seen in drama serial Deedan, that on-airs every Saturday at 8 pm on A-Plus Entertainment.