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Actress Sana Javed’s career is on an upward trajectory after the successful run of Khaani and with the appraisal she is getting for Romeo Weds Heer; the second episode of which had the highest rating of any drama in 2018. The happy-go-lucky star isn’t just a pretty face but she knows the importance of her star power.

Talking to Instep, the actress reveals that she consciously chooses scripts that portray strong female characters.

“As a media personality, I feel it is my responsibility to take roles that portray strong women because we have a fan following. Women want to become like the characters they see on the screen. When Khaani came out so many women told me over social media that the character was inspirational and set an example for how strong a woman can be and I truly felt like I had achieved something,” she said.

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Sana is currently working on a project that revolves around workplace harassment. Directed by Anjum Shehzad, the drama has Imran Abbas playing the negative male lead opposite her and is a story of an educated girl who is the breadwinner of her family and she is harassed at her workplace.

“It was hurtful shooting for this because I would keep thinking about girls in similar positions. Women can’t talk about it so the message I want to give with this serial is to speak up. It takes so much courage to speak about these issues,” she said.

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The Romeo Weds Heer star further revealed that she is reading different scripts, one of which has appealed to her due to its different take on men. “The girl’s brother is a feminist in it,” she said quickly adding that she means a guy who supports women and takes a stand for their rights. “He’s not the type to just think about society and it’s important to give men role models where they are shown how to be supportive instead of just watching women fight alone,” she stated.

On the other hand, Sana is not satisfied with the content on television and hence wants to give production a try. “I’ve been thinking about what I would want to see as a viewer and I don’t see much of it today which is why I think I’m going to eventually start producing. Television is the right platform to give a message out, so I want to do something for television,” she said.