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While fans are rejoicing at the fact that Salman Khan isn’t going anywhere from television and will continue with Bigg Boss, he also has some other major news in the offing with the re-launch of popular television game show, Dus Ka Dum.

Reportedly, Salman has said yes to hosting his popular television game show after a decade and has asked for a jaw-dropping fee for hosting the upcoming third season! According to news reports, Salman will be paid a staggering sum of INR 78 crore!

“For a long time, Salman was keen on returning to this show,” a source revealed to an Indian newspaper. “However, the channel wasn’t ready to shell out his asking price. But last year, both parties settled on a fee that they were comfortable with.”

The show will be aired in June after the IPL season has come to an end. Moreover, it is also said that makers are considering to have Salman host the fourth season of Dus Ka Dum as well.

“While the last two seasons saw several Bollywood stars coming as guests, we won’t have any celebrity guests this year. It will focus only on the aam junta,” the source further revealed.

Now isn’t this some major news?