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Priyanka Chopra’s exit from Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Bharat’ took the internet by storm with many speculating that her ‘engagement’ couldn’t be the sole reason. Now, the Bhai of Bollywood, has finally revealed that there seems to be much more behind the story.

Claiming that Priyanka signed the film for the role and she had requested director Ali Abbas Zafar that she be cast in the film, the actor made quite a few revelations about his ex-co-star:


1. Priyanka made 1000 phone calls to Arpita Khan

According to the Sultan, Priyanka also made some 1000 phone calls to his sister Arpita Khan saying “I want to work with Salman.” He even went on to reveal that Priyanka had even called up the director Ali Abbas Zafar and told him, “See if you can get me something in this film.”
From the sound of this, it must have not been easy for Priyanka to opt out of Bharat given her keenness on working with the Sultan, who could blame her?


2. Katrina Kaif signed the role of Priyanka Chopra

On Katrina Kaif signing Priyanka’s role later, the actor said, “I’m glad Katrina is part of the film. She was Atul’s first choice. But Priyanka called Ali and said she wanted to do Bharat, so we considered her.” He further reiterated this bit in his latest interview,” Atul and baby’s (Salman’s sister Alvira Khan’s) first choice was Katrina. But since Ali and Priyanka have worked together, Ali wanted to work with her, because she told Ali that she wanted to work in the film.”


3. Salman was devastated when he found out about Priyanka opting out

“We were destroyed that she is not doing Bharat, we were devastated (he said placing his hand on his heart with an impish smile), but we had to handle it, and we did. (On a serious note) No, she had a genuine problem at that point in time, but it’s just that we should have known it slightly earlier. But I am sure it’s okay, hope that film (with Chirs Pratt) works out for her. She has got engaged and I am really happy.  Now, we have Katrina in Bharat, she is looking beautiful and is working hard.” the actor told DNA in an exclusive interview.


4. Salman was also ready to adjust the dates according to Priyanka’s wedding 

“She was getting engaged and I told her, ‘If you are getting engaged, what’s the need (of exiting the project)?’ Then she said, ‘Shaadi karni hai‘, to which I said, ‘Toh shaadi kar lo‘. Priyanka’s work was for 75-80 days. Shaadi ke liye chaar din ka preparation, aur chaar din ki shaadi, aath din ke andar ho gayi aur phir uske baad honeymoon. So, we said we will work it out. But she was very clear that she didn’t want to be a part of the film,” the actor said.

It’s believed that Priyanka’s engagement to Nick Jonas was not the only reason for her exiting ‘Bharat’. It was during the same time when she got offered her fourth Hollywood film Cowboy Ninja Viking, alongside Guardian Of The Galaxy’s Chris Pratt. And it seems she chose the latter over Salman’s film. Some truth!


5. Priyanka Chopra doesn’t seem interested in Bollywood anymore

“Not doing this had to be because of the wedding or because she doesn’t want to work with me anymore. It could also be because she doesn’t want to work in humari industry (Bollywood) or wants to work only in Hollywood. Whatever she wants to do, I wish her all the best in life. We are glad that she is engaged and happy,” Salman said this in his interview to Bombay Times

The actor earlier said, “Had we known earlier that she has signed a big film in Hollywood, we would have never stopped her. My shooting had begun. We got to know about her decision of leaving the film at the end moment – just 10 days before her schedule. If she does not want to work with Salman Khan, it’s okay; she’s working with a big hero in Hollywood.”

6. Salman is not miffed with Priyanka

While speaking at the Bigg Boss 12 press conference, he said, “No no, I am not angry with Priyanka at all. It’s a great move in her life (engagement with Nick) and I wish them all the best. Arpita had even attended the functions. So, there are no hard feelings. However, it’s sad that the film could not happen with her.”