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Velo Sound Station Episode 4 opened with a retro twist, presenting musical impresario, Sajjad Ali, reprising his own 1986 hit song ‘Dhuaan‘ with a contemporary sound.

Looking refreshingly hip in an all-black sleek suit and open shirt by the singer’s go-to designer, Munib Nawaz and with his hair swept up into a hipster top knot, Sajjad emitted a cool modern vibe.

The Velo Sound Station reboot of ‘Dhuaan‘ retains the original song’s composition, melody and lyrics by Sajjad Ali but is given a faster tempo by music producers, Usmaan and Haroon, that is more upbeat and current.




“I am singing a song which I first performed nearly 35 years ago, ” Sajjad Ali said excitedly. “We are using the same old melody but there is now a more ‘thriller’ and contemporary sound,” he added alluding to the sharper, quicker and more suspenseful beats and drops.

What is refreshingly uplifting about the performance is how comfortable the singer known for his romantic semi-classic goldies such as ‘Pyar Ki Rahoon,’  ‘Bahoon Main’ and ‘Na Janain’ looks and sounds belting out old-school choice of words like “bewaafa” with the new vibe and how natural it all gels together:

Dhuaan khilona torha
Khilona samajh ke
Meray dil ko tum ne
Jhootay thay waday
Kiye thay humse tum ne
Haa bewaafa yeh jahaan
Bewaafa hai zameen
Bewafa asmaan
Zindagi hai dhuaan
Tu kahan mein kahan.

Sajjad Ali says the romantic song is more like a soliloquy with the singer talking to and questioning himself about the break-up of a seemingly futile relationship: “Tu kahan mein kahan.”

“‘Dhuaan’ is like a ‘khud salami‘ (monologue) using old fashioned words which Velo Sound Station has made current with an upbeat modern sound that Sajjad Ali enjoyed performing,” said Executive Producer, Bilal Maqsood.

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And music lovers of all generations can’t ask for a finer juxtaposition of the classic and the contemporary!

Dhuaan‘ was released on Friday November 11, 2020 on Episode 4 of Velo Sound Station’s associated YouTube channel which has over 206K subscribers. You can watch the video here: