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After lending his melodious vocals to Coke Studio renditions last season, Sajjad Ali is back with a new single track, ‘Lagaya Dil.’

Releasing the new music video on his YouTube page, Sajjad Ali’s crooning goes to a new level with the song that speaks of young love and unforgettable infatuations. The music video too, seems to be following the lyrical narrative.

Showcasing a variety of love and heartbreak, the music video bodes well with Sajjad’s soft vocals and saccharine-sweet style and ends up reminding us of the classic ‘Pehla Nasha’ and it’s similar narrative. However, is it equally appealing? We’d have to say, no. By no means does it come close to the classics he is adored for, let alone any other superhit.

That being said, a track being released by someone like Sajjad Ali is never a bad sign –and for that, we can’t help but give ‘Lagaya Dil’ a listen a few times!

Check out the song here and tell us what you think!