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Cake — the film, is layered with surprises and we are hoping it will meet the high expectations we have from it. Comprising an intelligent cast, simple yet brilliant storyline and a powerful soundtrack; the movie has all the right elements to appeal to an audience that craves for more than just masala.

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After the release of the first song, ‘Meri Duniya‘ by The Sketches we were convinced that the film’s music will be fresh. And now the video of the second song ‘Sajan Mo Khay’ has been released, proving that the movie’s soundtrack isn’t just catchy but also soothing and the kind of music that speaks to your heart.

‘Sajan Mo Khay’ is composed by the Sketches, written by Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and performed by Bhagat Bhoora Lal, Rajab Fakeer and Zanwar Hussain.

The video is also beautifully shot with a simple concept, showing a family reunion and a walk down memory lane.

Watch ‘Sajan Mo Khay’ below and fall in love with the track!

The complete album is out and is guaranteed to touch your heart with each track offering something beautiful. However, Sajan Mo Khay is probably the best and most soulful track of the entire album!

Directed By Asim Abbasi and starring Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed and  Adnan Malik, Cake is set to release on March 30.