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Sajal Aly has always marched to her own tune and that sound has roared aloud in an industry that is otherwise saturated with damsels in distress. Whether it was the defiantly stubborn Gul-e-Rana or the blazingly brave Arya from her Bollywood debut movie Mom, Sajal Aly’s career has been anything but standard and that has not only gotten her commercial acclaim but has gathered her a standing ovation among the more rigid of critics. Her newest drama serial O Rangreza has picked up quite a following and is quickly becoming a sensation.

So what is next for this blossoming superstar?

Sajal has confirmed that she will be making her singing debut alongside Sahir Ali Bagga with the song set to release in the coming week. We’ve heard a clip from the O Rangreza soundtrack and this will be a full-length version of the clip. Sajal was all praises for her collaboration with Sahir Ali Bagga when we spoke to her.


Sajal’s singing debut, alongside Sahir Ali Bagga, is set to release in the coming week

“It’s needless to say anything because only that moment and that feeling can be felt. Not used to describe in words,” she said.

We asked her why she chose to make her music debut at a time when her acting career is flying so high.

“My interest in music is from the initial days of my life,” she replied. “I remember my mother humming all the time. That’s where I picked my interest in singing.”

So will we be seeing more of a singing Sajal in the future?

“Music is like free food to the soul. I don’t think I want to put it up for sale. Not at least for now,” she said with characteristic depth.

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This upcoming song is exciting, also because Sahir Ali Bagga has worked in a number of movies including Zinda Bhaag and Jawani Phir Nai Ani and his duet with Aima Baig in Coke Studio was quite a breakthrough number from season 8. So collaborations between two widely popular personalities are always a source of extreme excitement, especially when it comes to music.