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Although the relationship between Pakistan and India never sees a complete thaw, artistes on both sides of the border know no hate for each other. The biggest example of this these days is none other than the on-screen mother-daughter duo, Sajal Aly and Sridevi.

While it’s a known fact in Bollywood that Sridevi doesn’t really like making friends on set, she became so close to the Pakistani actress on the sets of Mom that they still share an unbreakable bond. So much so that after almost a year of shooting, Sajal took to Instagram to share a picture of the Bollywood actress with the caption, “There are very few relationships in life that are stronger than the ones attached by blood. I have got one like that and that is with my Chandni.”

This isn’t the first time, however, that the O Rungreza actress has shown her affection for Sridevi. When Sridevi released a video sending her love to the actress and Adnan Siddiqui on the premiere of Mom, Sajal took to Instagram to express herself.

Sajal wrote, “This was actually a surprise to me yesterday. I felt like she was there throughout. I couldn’t hold back myself from crying. I am out of words.”

With such things just showing that boundaries are a man-made concept, it’s truly heartwarming to see that our very own Sajal has found a guardian angel in the harsh world of Bollywood.