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Since the enormous hit of Mom, Sajal has been soaring high and we’re currently loving her unconventional role in O Rungreza, where the actress is finally able to explore her acting capabilities as she plays the tongue-in-cheek character of Sassi. We’re glad that Sajal has finally managed to move away from her usual roles of the lady in distress, and has done a phenomenal job at it. It would be safe to say that the drama is going strong because of Sajal’s sassy role!

Another notable aspect of the TV series has been its beautiful OST, which features a soulful and catchy tune. Taking things up a notch, Sajal has also lent her voice to a rendition of the song that plays during the drama.



Sajal’s vocals leave us believing that the young actress is not only a talented performer but can also gain an even bigger fan following with those sweet vocals! After all, it is the age of multi-tasking, so after actresses like Mehwish Hayat and Ayesha Omar, will Sajal be the next actor turned singing star? We’d know definitely love to hear more of her singing.