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Saheefa Jabbar has been making headlines for quite some time now. From her hair to her marriage, everything this girl does becomes news! Latest is that Saheefa is all set to make her drama debut with Teri Meri Kahani and that too in a lead role.

We got in touch with Saheefa for details on her new project.

“My ultimate goal was acting,” she said. “I always wanted to act but I didn’t know an offer this great would come so soon in life. I think I got lucky and when HUM contacted me I just couldn’t say no, especially since I truly trust the team.”

Adding further she said, “I’ve been offered roles before, but I always wanted a lead and never wanted to do a typical bechari role. The name of my character is Deena, she’s returned from the UK and she’s not a typical desi girl. However, since the masses approve of conventional roles, there is that element too.”

Last year Saheefa was asked if she’d continue working after marriage and she responded by asking, why not? Who says marriage stops you from your professional growth, she counter-questioned. This time around she’s in the news for progressing her career by making an acting debut in a drama and we’re delighted!

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Apart from Saheefa, the play stars Azfar Rehman and Saboor Aly who she says are darlings.

“I’ve been friends with Saboor even before this project so I was really comfortable working with her. Other than her Noman Masood, who plays my father in the play, was a great help. He being such a senior artist was really sweet and a great teacher.”

She confessed that she’s still learning and it’s not easy for a model to act since the relationship with the camera is entirely different. Everything is in fast motion when you’re modelling while acting is a more lengthy process which requires more expression and emotion.

When asked if movies are on the cards, she laughed saying, “You never know! If something is written in your favour it just automatically happens.”

“I’m a feminist so female-centric movies or dramas attract me. I’d love to play roles where a woman is not dependent on a man or a male lead, the movie should revolve around her strengths and her achievements only. For example Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom, now that’s the kind of movie I would love to do!”

Teri Meri Kahani is a Hum TV production, directed by Ali Faizan that stars Saheefa Jabbar, Azfar Rehman, Saboor Aly, Noman Masood and Laila Wasti in key roles. The drama is set to release mid-Feb while the teasers and trailers will be out soon.