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EXCLUSIVE: Sadia Siddiqui, CEO Mustang Productions, has joined hands with the Pakistan Fashion and Design Council and will be producing the upcoming PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in March as Creative Director. We knew a collaboration between two strong women, Sehyr Saigol and Sadia Siddiqui, was on its way when Libas featured the London-based powerhouse on its cover recently and we’re delighted with the outcome.


Sadia Siddiqui, CEO Mustang Productions, has directed many high profile shows over the years and will undoubtedly up the ante of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week to an international standard.

“There’s a lot of work to be done and we’ve just been having back to back meetings,” Sadia said in an exclusive conversation we had when she was in Pakistan this weekend. “PFDC has approached us so that we can bring the platform to international standards. Having done shows outside of Pakistan we know what is required to take it to the next level.”

Though Sadia was unable to reveal too many details, we did come away with an understanding that she would be responsible for the entire look and feel of the show. We’re hoping that will mean a controlled guest list and perhaps even better and more disciplined timings.

“It’s going to be pure fashion,” was all she confirmed but that alone sounds like music to my ears.

Fashion has been in a constant state of flux throughout 2016, oscillating between its commitment to pure style and the need to give in to overwhelming commercialism. I would blame this deterioration on television channels as well as designers who are vulnerable to the rising demands of sustaining their businesses. But in this tug of war between creativity and commercialism, fashion councils do have a responsibility to keep fashion weeks strictly focussed on promoting pure fashion, not fashion adulterated by song, dance and celebrity. There is a desperate need to see the fashion industry disengage from the chaotic celebrity studded cloak that it has shrouded its actually purpose in.

It can be said quite safely that Sadia Siddiqui’s allegiance with the PFDC will elevate its position in Pakistan. Style, remember what it originally used to look like? Well we hope we’ll get to revisit it in March, at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in full, sophisticated and fashionable glory.