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Supermodels Sadaf Kanwal and Amna Ilyas made it off the runway and onto the Tonite with HSY set this week, and boy, what an explosive episode it was!

From talking about skin-whitening and surgeries to the global #MeToo movement, the glamourous duo surely had a lot to say about everything and anything.

What exactly were the pearls of wisdom and the foot-in-the-mouth moments this episode? We have the lowdown…


“Models are privileged in Pakistan” – Amna Ilyas


While there’s no surprise in the fact that Pakistani models do enjoy a longevity that doesn’t exist on the global circuit on the age-factor, Amna Ilyas feels the models in our country get even more ‘privilege’ since they can keep working on the runway even after the ages of 35.

“Well, internationally your shelf-life stars when you’re 16 and you model till you’re 25, maximum,” Amna explained. “But we’re ‘privileged’ that models in Pakistan usually start at the ages of 25. All these girls have the privilege that they can model for a long time. We even have models above the ages of 35 who’re still working.”

Well, we wonder who she’s talking about?


“Mahira Khan is not insecure at all” – Amna Ilyas


Being one of the few Pakistani models that have worked in major films, Amna Ilyas’ latest stint with Mahira Khan in the film 7 Din Mohabbat In seems to be one of her fondest experiences. Thus, when HSY asked the model if Mahira felt insecure posing next to her for promotional shoots, she was quick to deny it.

“I don’t think Mahira is insecure at all,” Amna said. “When the filming started, I felt a little terrified myself that you know she’s a big that she might have an attitude and she might sideline me. But, because she knew I come from a background where I am a supermodel and I hold a position in the industry, she was very kind to me. In fact, she was supportive.”


“Everyone is famous because of social media” – Sadaf Kanwal


It seems that the world of social media DOES have its shortcomings, especially if it comes to the debate between Instagram-models and real-life supermodels – or at least, that’s what Sadaf Kanwal seems to think.

“Before, models weren’t that famous,” Sadaf explained. “There were specific names; Vaneeza, Iraj, Aamina Sheikh, Aaminah Haq, etc. Now, everyone’s famous because of social media. I think a model is one who can show their talent on the ramp and on the shoot, anyone can do anything on social media, like Nasir Khan Jan or so, you know.”


“People have said that I have gotten 80 surgeries done” – Sadaf Kanwal


Plastic surgeries and whitening are no new phenomenon of the fashion industry, and neither is the denying of it. However, before anyone speculates, Sadaf was quick to reiterate that she has gotten no surgeries at all, and all that we see is au naturale. 

“I want to clear one thing, whoever knows or doesn’t know me, I haven’t gotten any surgeries done,” Sadaf clarified. “People have said that I have gotten 80 surgeries done. I want to say, if I have, then you also get them done and become as beautiful.”


“When you have a ‘MeToo’ moment say it then, why do you remember it later?” – Sadaf Kanwal


Can an episode ever end on the show without someone saying something controversial? Apparently not. Talking about the global Me Too movement, Sadaf Kanwal had her own thought-process behind abuse – and it sure is confusing.

“When you have a ‘MeToo’ moment say it then, why do you remember it later?” Sadaf questioned. “I think, say it when it happens. If something like Me Too happens to me, I will say it right there.”

To this, Amna Ilyas intervened and explained it properly.

“While MeToo is often ridiculed, it is something very serious,” Amna said. “I don’t agree with Sadaf here that if it happened earlier so you shouldn’t speak about it later. Whenever you feel it’s the right time, say it then. MeToo is not only for women, men also face such abuse. People should come out and talk about it. Women are usually suppressed and told not to talk about it. But, people who’ve come out and talked about it, I salute them.”


What were your favourite moments from the show this week?