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Familial ties and relationships are reccurring themes on television today, loved and watched by many. Similarly, upcoming telefilm Nanu aur Main also deals with the depth of relationships, but that between grandparents and grandchildren.

Starring Saboor Aly and Qavi Khan in main roles, the story revolves around the two who live together until Saboor moves abroad for further studies. The story goes on to reunite the grandfather and granddaughter, under seemingly interesting circumstances. The recently revealed poster shows the two main leads, looking quite endearing.

Nanu aur Main is an emotional rollercoaster ride for me, which I’ll never forget,” Saboor told us.

Qavi Khan too feels that the telefilm deals with emotions beautifully, “It surprised me because the story is not limited to just two characters, it is a very relatable story,” the veteran actor said. “Everyone has passed through something similar at one point in their life.”

The telefilm will release on Geo on 20 February, following which it will be aired on other leading TV channels.