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Saba Qamar recently sat down for a tell-all interview with Samina Peerzada. Saba is someone who doesn’t open up about her personal life or her feelings too often. This phenomenal actress has established her career on talent alone and has earned the love and support of the entire country with her dedication. However, she has time and again made it evident that she doesn’t back down from her opinions at any cost.

Here are some interesting revelations Saba made during the interview:


1) She isn’t afraid of people’s reaction

Saba shared that a few years ago she made the decision to not let anything affect her well-being. “I’m not scared of anyone and anything. I don’t worry about what people are going to think about a certain action of mine. I left that Saba way behind and I’m extremely content with my decision. It’s the people in your life that teach you. I work on myself every day… it’s not like I am perfect. But I decide what I should change about myself, not other people,” she said.


2) Her views on relationships and her past

She revealed that she is afraid of relationships. “The conventional relationship doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t want to be stuck in an abusive relationship like my mother. I fear being stuck in a commitment where I’m just compromising. I want compatibility and a partner. I’m not going to do it to please other people. I’ll choose a partner when I feel it’s right,” she said.


3) Her experience of working with the late Irrfan Khan

“The first day that I met him, I entered and he started singing Badan pe sitare because I was wearing a studded top,” she said laughing. “It never felt like I was working with an international superstar. He was so down-to-earth; it was unbelievable. He never even corrected me or my acting. He told me he believed in spontaneity in acting. So we never rehearsed a single scene. It was an incredible experience, I learned so much from him,” she added.


4) Being in lockdown

“Honestly, these days have been difficult. At the start, it seemed like it would pass easily. It was fun; we were all joking and calling it a corona vacation. Now, suddenly it’s becoming all too real. Life, freedom, love, and each and every moment that we spent before. We always took it all for granted. I used to starve for days where I’d get to sleep for eight hours. Now God has just paused it all,” she said.

There was so much more that she talked about including spreading positivity and her future films and projects. You can watch the entire interview here: