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Saba Qamar recently made headlines for announcing a new chapter in her life; marriage. However, the happily ever after was interrupted with an unfortunate turn in her relationship with Azeem Khan who was accused of violating the privacy of several women who shared their stories in a closed all-women’s group.

“I have a very important announcement to make, due to a lot of personal reasons I have decided to call it off with Azeem Khan, ‘WE ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED NOW’ hope you guys will support my decision just like you all have been supporting me always, and I guess it’s never too late to realise the bitter realities!” shared the Baaghi star in an Instagram post.



She added that it is  a very hard time on her, however, she was certain that ‘this too shall pass’

Following the breakup, Saba announced the release of Chingariyan on her YouTube channel. “An episode very close to my heart and a story relatable for all of you out there,” she wrote adding that ‘love demands a special kind of courage. The courage of getting hurt again and again’.

She released the music video on her birthday and thanked singer Mustafa Zahid and her Cheekh co-star Emmad Irfani for their support in making this possible.

Saba called this episode a dream project about an incomplete love story. “Celebrating the first year anniversary of my YouTube channel and my birthday with the release of an episode very close to my heart – Chingariyan.”

“I’ve put my sweat, blood, heart & soul into this project, I really hope that this story connects with you all exactly like I felt it while doing this! (Using my favourite lines from “Life Goes On by BTS” in the end because LIFE REALLY GOES on no matter what),” she added.

The video features a heartbroken Saba who can relate to a fish out of water. Shot mostly underwater, the concept and direction is by Saba herself while the song is by Mustafa Zahid. In the end of the video, Saba gives a strong message about life.



If this is personally attached to Saba’s relationship, whatever the Cheekh actor is going through in life, we hope good things come her way soon. The underwater scenes also remind us of a still that she once shared from her upcoming film, Kamli. 



Chingariyan has been sung by Mustafa Zahid who also thanked Saba for the opportunity. “Just want you all to hear every single word of it and understand that when artists work together with pure intent and the goal is to give each other love and respect, this is the kind of magic they end up making,” he shared.

Watch the complete video below: