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Workplace harassment comes in many forms ranging from sexual harassment to offensive jokes and gender-based discrimination. The entertainment industry is not alien to harassment and female artists have often accepted that even if it hasn’t happened to them, it still happens. Churails star Mehar Bano also shared her experience in an exclusive interview with Aamna Isani of Something Haute.

Mehar shared that while many times female artists are scared to speak up for themselves, Saba Qamar is a fierce woman who rescued her after she was harassed by someone on set at a very young age.

“Saba Qamar came to my rescue. I was harassed by a mic wala on set. You can get harassed at any time by any one when especially when you don’t know what’s going on and you’re just a child. As I was young at the time, I was really confused,” she said.

“I told her and she went on set and had him kicked out,” Mehar added, saying it was one of the first experiences of someone having taken such a “strong stand” for her.

The young actor then added how the incident made her realise that harassment is extremely common in our society. “It made me realise I should be aware now of what happens to me or other girls, so I can also stand up for them,” she said.

She stated that it took a really long time for her to realise that she was even being harassed. “You do not understand when you are young.”

Mehar also shares that she was watching Faryal’s interview and she’s inspired by her courage. “I feel so horrible that she had to go through all this (harassment).”

Watch her complete interview here: