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The recently inaugurated Runway Eleven is a concept store which has been purpose built to support the ‘store within a store’ format, bringing some of the finest fashion brands under one roof. Conceptualised and owned by Hadi Anwar, the store opened in Karachi at Bukhari commercial.

With the aim to bring Lahore-based designer collection to fashion lovers in the city, it’s essentially a multi-label boutique but with a twist. The store currently stocks fashion labels Saira Shakira, Rozina Munib, Saira Rizwan and Zuria Dor, brands that were previously not available in Karachi.


                                        A glimpse of the newly opened RUNWAY ELEVEN store

CEO Runway Eleven, Hadi stated that the concept of the store is to promote couture from multi designers.

“This is the first one in Pakistan, as there are many stores that have prêt wear but none which have just bridals and formals. We are the only ones focusing on Lahore-based designers. We have designers flown in and they have a team who will be taking orders on behalf of the designers,” he said.

The idea is to bring Lahori designers to Karachi and take Karachi-based designers to Lahore. Soon we will be launching another Runway Eleven store in Lahore which will feature all Karachi designers,” he added.


                                            Managing Partners at RUNWAY ELEVEN, Hadi Anwar and Somaya Adnan


Team Something Haute got in touch with Saira Rizwan to find out about what she expects from Karachi regarding her launch and here’s what she had to tell us.


                                       Saira Rizwan

What are you expecting from Karachi with regards to your launch?

“We just started touching Karachi within a year or so, hosted our first fashion show in 2017 and second in 2018, and got an overwhelming response. But since we did not know much about the city and its people so were hesitant in opening a store here, luckily Somaya Adnan has been a great inspiration for everyone; she took the initiative, brought together the Lahori designers and will be managing this venture. I feel comfortable in giving her my collection to handle as she’s experienced and knows the business really well.”

What collection will you be stocking here in Karachi ? Will it be the same as Lahore?

“Yes, of course, we will have exactly the same collection in Karachi, whatever will be up and coming will be available in Karachi and Lahore at the same time. It will definitely be up to date!

Is it just bridals and formal ?

“Initially yes… but soon we will be having our prêt and luxury prêt collection hanging in as well.”