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Collaborations between celebrities and fashion brands are common and often quite rewarding for everyone involved. However, Rihanna hasn’t been very lucky and has landed herself in deep trouble for allegedly stealing the logo of another fashion brand.

Freedom United, an American clothing brand is threatening to sue Puma over their use of a logo — ‘FU’ — for a line by Rihanna called Fenty University. The letters are used throughout the label’s merchandise that are meant to stand for ‘Fenty University’ according to a report by TMZ.

As Freedom United reserves the copyright for the initials, the case appears to have gained momentum due to which they sent Puma a cease-and-desist letter in January. Freedom United claimed that, “Rihanna had knowledge of its FU mark for at least a couple of years, yet still chose to use ‘F.U.’ for her line of Fenty University products.”

The American clothing brand is asking Puma to stop all its merchandise with the FU initials and reveal the data of the revenues collected with their sales. To this, Rihanna’s company shot back stating that due to the differing fonts of the logo, there is “no infringement”. Fenty stated that ‘FU’ is not unique, purely in its lettering, and are simply initials.

On the other hand, Freedom United doesn’t appear to be dropping the case anytime soon and if rumours are to be believed, the American fashion brand is planning to file for a lawsuit.

Yikes! We hope the issue is resolved soon!