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After teasing us with short clips, 7th Sky Entertainment have finally released the trailer of the much anticipated Feroze Khan starrer Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 and it is looking magnificent.

Written by ace playwright Hashim Nadeem and directed by Wajahat Hussain, it appears that the third installment of this loved franchise is going to be bigger and better. The story revolves around Farhad and Mahi (played by Feroze and Iqra Aziz respectively) who hail from different economic backgrounds. Mahi is a happy-go-lucky girl but she belongs to an influential family where she has to stay within the family conventions. She cannot make her own decisions. On the other hand, Farhan belongs to a different socio-cultural background. He is a small town guy who instantly falls for Mahi’s charismatic personality and then forsakes everything for her.


Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3


The trailer shows the transformation of both characters from young and carefree spirits to living a burdensome life. It seems that Mahi will appreciate Farhad’s friendship but will not have the same feelings for him. So, she will disregard his love, only to regret it. In addition, Farhad will make a special connection with his Creator and will become a devotee of love. This will further shock Mahi who knows a completely different Farhad. Drama will ensue due to some irrational decisions of other family members but the two will suffer at the hands of love and society.



Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 is a classic tale of star-crossed lovers who will fight for their love till the very end. However, we have yet to see if destiny will work in their favour and bring them together. Or perhaps, the restrictions of class divides and societal pressures will break them apart.



Feroze and Iqra have played their parts remarkably and we could feel their pain. The scale of the production is very grand with aerial shots and beautiful scenic views. The direction, cinematography and production is top-notch as earlier mentioned by Feroze.

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We are not yet sure about Junaid Khan, Tooba Siddiqui, Sunita Marshall and Mehar Bano’s role in the story but the ensemble cast includes many veterans as well like Rubina Ashraf, Hina Bayat, Usman Peerzada, Javed Sheikh, Seemi Pasha, Asma Abbas, Waseem Abbas amongst many others.

We have to watch the drama to find out what is in store for Farhad and Mahi, but we hope that Farhad doesn’t met the tragic end that his namesake had in the famous folk tale.

You can see the trailer here: