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Raqs e Bismil, starring Imran Ashraf and Sarah Ali Khan as Moosa and Zohra recently, concluded last week. While the drama received mixed reviews from the critics, the final scenes between the lead couple won the viewers. Even the ones who had lost interest in the plot, halfway through the drama, appreciated the sweet ending.

The drama and the actors, especially Imran Ashraf, have since then kept trending on Twitter. In fact, fans are in love with Moosa and Zohra’s chemistry and now want a sequel of Raqs e Bismil.

“This is what people of Pakistan [are] wanting right now right there,” shared Imran Ashraf also stating that he owes the success to the audience.



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Imran took to Twitter to re-introduce the writer and redirecting the request towards him.



Zohra and Moosa’s happy ending came as a surprise for the audience who thought that the two can never be together. The ending scenes were very well executed and fans cannot get enough of their romance.



A narrative that began with a forced nikkah of Moosa’s sister ended with highlight the importance of consent. Directed by Wajahat Rauf, who returned to television after a long time, the script dealing with matters of heart and love, coupled with the love of God was penned by Hashim Nadeem.

Stay tuned for more details regarding Raqs e Bismil 2!