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The television industry is constantly evolving; with dramas like Meri Gurya, Haiwaan, Baaghi and Baba Jani, important subjects are being highlighted. Topics that are otherwise considered taboo in our society are now becoming part of our conversations which is needed today more than ever.

One such play that has already won the hearts of audience is Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, starring versatile actress Iqra Aziz. It is the unconventional television play that the audience longed for, a play where all characters take center stage.


Iqra Aziz


The drama, which made an impact with its first episode, is continuing to impress the audience with power-packed performances in the third episode. The episode makes some monumental revelations which will certainly carry the story forward hereon.

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The latest episode deals with all the significant characters of the play with absolute finesse, revealing enough details about all characters, without giving away too much. The episode begins with a scene where details about Shauka — played by Mohammad Noor Ul Hassan — are revealed to the audience. We now know that this man, who we constantly see lecherously following Noori (Iqra Aziz), is a widower with three children. Noor Ul Hassan as always, through his performance, will ensure that he is someone you ought to dislike throughout the course of this drama.


Iqra Aziz


The mentally-challenged Bhola, played by Imran Ashraf, lands at Amman Jannateh’s house, where it is revealed that the reputed teacher has known the man and his mother since long. After a brief conversation, Imran and Iqra tag along to the famous Lucky Irani Circus on their way back home. They meet the famous ‘Mumtaz Begum’, popularly known as ‘the fox woman’, who Imran refers to as ‘the love of his life’. The three quip in a friendly banter and Imran’s dialogue delivery makes it all the more enjoyable.


Iqra Aziz


The episode also highlighted how Iqra has been swept off her feet and fallen in love with Tahir — played by Syed Jibran — the shopkeeper with whom she is often seen sharing a cup of tea. This naive and emotional dimension to her character makes her even more interesting. We now know that while she is a strong-headed girl who is thriving to achieve more, she is also gullible.

While all characters seem level-headed and headed in their own directions, this episode establishes that their paths are indeed intertwined. It will be interesting to see what happens now; will Iqra meet her ill-fate and be forcefully married to her uncle Shauka, played by Noor Ul Hassan or will Jibran take the next big step and talk to his family to marry the girl who belongs to a family of rag-pickers?