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Ranbir Kapoor has impressed everyone with whatever little we have seen in Sanju teasers/trailers. However, producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra has said he was initially not happy with director Rajkumar Hirani’s idea to cast Ranbir and in fact, wanted Ranveer Singh to play the lead.

Although he did say that he had to eat his words after seeing Ranbir’s performance and transformation for the movie, Chopra’s comment did manage to create quite a stir, following which the Indian press asked Ranbir how he felt.


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“I don’t know about his regrets and anything of that kind. But I am really happy that it came into my life. And it came into my life when I was really in need of inspiration. You know. It’s a luxury that every actor finds inspiration in every film they do. This came with that. So, I am very happy that it came into my life,” he said.

Well, we can’t say what compelled Chopra to make this revelation and at a time when it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Ranbir play Sanjay Dutt. Just look at this picture:



Anyway, Sanju is scheduled to release on June 29, 2018  and we are definitely watching it.