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With its recent episode, the musical platform Nescafé Basement has taken its fifth season to another level. Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (aka Xulfi) is claiming to have introduced Pakistan’s very first all kids band with a new rendition of 90’s hit pop track Pyar Diyan Gallan.

The song features eight young vocalists – Rajea Iman, Samiya Gohar, Fizza Batool, Muhammad AbuBakar, Sultan Muhammad Fateh Shah, Syed Haider, Shujaat Ali and Ali Mahoon – along with a myriad of instruments also played by young talent.

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The song talks about love, peace and harmony and it has been released at a time when we need to talk about these affairs. It is heartening to see that these talented kids have been provided an outlet for their creative expression. We have already witnessed the vocal range of 8-year-old Syeda Hadiya Hashmi and the drumming talent of 13-year-old Sinaan, but Pyar Diyan Gallan kept us on our toes with one inspiring performance after the other from younger kids.


Pyar Diyan Gallan


You can spot kids and teens playing 10 musical instruments collectively including tabla, sitar, piano, violin, guitars, bass guitars, ukulele, drums, harmonium and dhol. It is safe to say that Pakistan’s music industry is in good hands when you see these little rockstars as the future generations that will take the industry forward.

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Pyar Diyan Gallan was originally a collaboration of three famous bands from the 90’s — Fringe Benefits, Fakhr-e-Alam (Yataagan) and Yasir Akhtar (Arid Zone). The young musicians of Nescafé Basement have kept the spirit of the song alive, starting with a rap like Fakhr-e-Alam, but the song further divulges into classical tunes.

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