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With global warming and climate changes on the rise, making intense heat waves a part and parcel of long summers, our hunt for the most breathable cotton to wear is never ending. But with so many brands infusing cotton with various blends, pure fabrics are getting increasingly difficult to find.

In this scenario, textile house Pasha Fabrics, which dates back to the time of partition, promises a level of quality that is unparalleled. The textile house is known for their high quality of fabrics, one of the most premium ranges being their Platinum Cotton.

Bringing a unique blend of the best extra-long staple cotton in the world and the most vibrant range of dyes, this fabric is developed on state of the art looms, with an emphasis on the crispness and drape. It has a distinctive lustre that gives it a very special silken glow. The customized finish ensures that it not only goes well with a kameez and shalwar but also serves equally well as a dress-shirt.


The premium Egyptian cotton is imported to Pakistan from various countries

Speaking to Khawaja Imran, Director Pasha Fabrics, we learnt that this high-quality cotton is imported to Pakistan from various countries around the world. “We hunt for the best quality, which is measured by the length of fiber in the fabric,” Imran enlightened us.

The best part is the flexibility of this premium range. “The fabric has an extremely relaxed feel which is why it can be used to make either style, ensuring the best fit and feel either way,” Imran told us.

Bringing forth this premium range, the textile house targets the fashion-savvy who are looking for the best feel and quality in a worthy price range. The Platinum range is priced at around Rs 5500, making it a great summer investment piece!
Pasha Platinum can be found at all major clothing retailers in Pakistan; Moosajees in Karachi, and Raja Sahib and Saleem Fabrics in Lahore, as well as other retail outlets and malls, including Packages Mall and Haji Karim Buksh. For the avid online shoppers, you can visit their website and get an accurate look at their products.

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