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American rapper Pitbull has apologized to cricket fans on Wednesday night as he will be unable to perform at the opening ceremony of the much-anticipated T20 tournament of Pakistan Super League 4 (PSL) in Dubai.

Pitbull uploaded a video message on his Twitter account in which he said, “pieces of the [plane’s] engine had come apart” after a test flight and that was why he would be unable to reach Dubai where the opening ceremony is scheduled to take place.

“I wanna start off by saying I was very, very excited to be able to go to Dubai and perform for the HBL Pakistan Super League cricket tournament,” he says in the post. “Unfortunately, what has happened was… it was such a long flight… they took the plane for a test flight, and when they landed, pieces of the engine had come apart,” the singer added.



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A star-studded opening ceremony of PSL 4 is all set to entertain fans today, with promising performances of global and Pakistani artists. Pakistan’s Junoon and world-renowned disco band Boney M will rock the stage. Fawad Khan will be singing the theme song along with Young Desi and Aima Baig and Shuja Haider will kick start the fourth season of the cricket tournament.

Geo Super will broadcast the ceremony today at 9pm.

Cricket enthusiasts who went to Dubai to attend the ceremony were especially disappointed to hear the news a night before the event. Though we are just as confused with Pitbull’s reasoning as you are, here is how fans spoke their heart out on social media:

Some are happy that we saved a lot of money…


While others found his excuses hilarious




And then there are the usual conspiracy theorists