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After releasing a number of strong teasers for the upcoming film, Pinky Memsaab, the team has now released its official trailer.

Exploring the life of Pinky (Hajrah Yamin),  a woman from a village in Pakistan, who moves to Dubai as a house help for Mehr (Kiran Malik) – an ambitious investment banker and a social butterfly, the trailer looks at how their lives entwine and a journey ensues amidst crisis.

Poignant at moments, the trailer delves into the problems of relationships and life, where everything looks beautiful from afar but is crumbling in reality. It also explores how the life of an expatriate becomes when the rush to make ends meet takes center stage and dreams get sidelined.

Akin to the type of reality shown in Asim Abbasi’s Cake, Pinky Memsaab too, looks like a film that has the potential to hit all the right notes with its bittersweet narrative.

Directed by Shazia Ali Khan, the film stars Hajrah Yamin, Kiran Malik, Adnan Jaffar, Sunny Hinduja, Khalid Ahmed, Shamim Hilali, and Hajra Khan in pivotal roles and is all set to release on December 7.

Check out the trailer here: