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A solo show is a couturier’s playground, where the designer can play with a concept integral to her collection and present it to the world in a setting which does credit to her grand ideas. While fashion shows have become part and parcel of Pakistan’s fashion horizon, designers have only just recently started embracing the idea of regular solo shows to ensure that their carefully constructed couture collections get the kind of attention they merit. In the last few years we’ve seen Faraz Manan, Elan, Sana Safinaz and Shamaeel go solo and stepping onto this elevated platform, this weekend, was Shehla Chatoor.

Nur-e-Alaleh, as the name of the collection suggests and literally translates to as ‘light from a heavenly flower,’ was an exquisite show that played upon all of Shehla’s strengths as a couturier. One saw the finest of handcrafted ensembles, silhouettes that were both contemporary and classic, a palette that did justice to her concept and the kind of attention to detail that one would expect from her. I will be reviewing the collection in detail in Instep on Sunday, but until then I thought we should bring you a visual report on the evening…


Shehla with her top models Mehreen Syed and Amna Ilyas, who were washed in a celestial shade of gold.


The evening, of course, was attended by the top tier of Pakistan’s fashion industry…


Bunto Kazmi was generous in her praise for the collection; she came with her son Ali and daughter in law, Sehr.


The designer presence was high: Safinaz Muneer and Sadaf Muneer Jalil


Anusheh, Maheen Khan and Amna Ali, Managing Editor of Hello Pakistan


Huma and Amir Adnan


Anusheh with Umar Sayeed and Asim Raza, who’s working on his next film these days.


Frieha Altaf, show director of the evening, in a Dior ‘feminist’ skirt


Ali Safina and Hira Tareen with Anusheh