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Pepsi Battle of the Bands episode 4 started with Kashmir – the band’s power packed performance to one of their original tracks titled ‘Darbadar’. Their performance exuded the same level of energy that was needed to kick off the episode and the second Knockout Round that would shortlist top 4 bands from the existing 6 bands. This particular round was all about performing to original tracks, which was bound to set an impression on the judges.

First to perform was 21 – the band with their original track ‘Mein Bolun’ which was energetic and fun and quite in melody as we had hoped. The punk flavour was very much there, which even the judges hoped to witness compared to their last performance, which was  bit experimental. Their performance won them great feedback from the judges where Bilal Maqsood even went on to say that they were a reincarnation of Noori. The band, while sticking to their genre, were expected to be a little more versatile in their style but were melodically sorted.


21- the band


Second in line to perform was Bayaan who gave a lukewarm performance and didn’t leave the judges too impressed. ‘Tu Kya Hua’ was the track they sang, which was vocally weak and landed them in the danger zone which wasn’t surprising given their performance, if we may so.

Xarb performed their smashing track Devaar which was lyrically sound and left the judges in awe. The chorus was impactful with words like…

Girti Hui Deevar Ko
Aik Dhakka Aur Do
Anaa Ke Sangdil Buttoun Ko
Khud Hathoun Se Tor Do

Their last performance also won them accolades which was their rendition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s iconic ‘Dama Dum Mast Qalander’  and this time around too, they proved their singing prowess and the vocalist was advised to change his name to ‘Saeen Ghungroo’ by Bilal Maqsood which referred to his signature instrument that he has been spotted using in all his performances.




Dejavu, unlike last time, failed to create the magic with their track titled ‘Bas Kar Jee,’ which is an old Bulleh Shah kalam. Not just the choice of song, but even the melody fell flat and left the judges bored. At that point, it got us thinking whether they’ll make it to the top 4, given the complexity of the competition in the episodes ahead.

Tamasha, as always, lived up to expectations and left the judges delighted. Even the critical ones only had praises to sing for them. ‘Roshini’ wasn’t just an enthralling track vocally but also performance wise; it made a big difference to the melody, giving us a flavour of alternative rock and hard rock with a cool set of vocals and well worded lyrics.
This was the second time they got a standing ovation from the judges and they well deserved it.




Kaaghaz, was the last band to perform with their track titled ‘Gunagahro,’ which didn’t set a lasting impact on the judges. The dark gothic style, which is their genre, looked a bit too forced this time around and even the tune failed to win them any compliments. Unfortunately, none of the judges felt there was anything praise worthy in their performance and it landed them in the danger zone like Bayaan and Dejavu.

As expected, Kaaghaz was eliminated in the second Knockout Round, leaving Bayaan and Dejavu as the two contenders competing against each other to get in the top 4. Dejavu performed to a track titled ‘Janay Tu Janay Na,’ which started off as a sweet melodious track but went on to bore us to no end. By this time, we already had it in our heads that they wouldn’t survive the top 4. Bayaan, just like the last episode upped their game when they were given a chance to redeem themselves while landing into the danger zone. Their track ‘Raaz-e-Fitna‘ with its powerful lyrics, got them the praise they needed to survive in the competition.


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Here’s the full episode:



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