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Here’s a quick recap: Zohaib Kazi announced his collaboration with Patari for their project titled Fanoos right before Ramzan so even though they released the first two episodes, ‘The Gulmit Anthem’ and ‘Takht Hazaar‘ the project took a break during the month of Ramzan. Fanoos has finally released the third episode which features the Baloch legend Akhtar Channal, who took our breaths away with his Coke Studio rendition of ‘Daane Pe Daana‘, alongside Komal Rizvi. But what Kazi and Akhtar Channal have come up with for Fanoos is better than everything we’ve heard so far!

Zohaib Kazi travelled all the way to Kalat to produce the third episode, titled ‘Jee Aao‘ and we can’t stress enough on how that itself is a brilliant achievement. Instead of finding talent in remote parts of the country and bringing them all to Karachi or Lahore, Zohaib has travelled to them and produced their songs in their homes. This is how you truly celebrate diversity and bring different cultures to mainstream media.

Upon listening to ‘Jee Aao‘ we decided that this is one of the best songs to come out of Pakistan in recent times. Kazi has beautifully fused the electric guitar with traditional instruments so the song has a folky, electronic sound. It also has a very upbeat melody and will definitely make you want to dance.

Jee Aao‘ is also about celebrations and festivities, as Akhtar Channal describes a verse in the song’s video that translates into “there’s a certain energy in the air. People are happy and celebrating that the season of Holi is here.”

Watch the masterpiece and judge for yourself. Please listen to the song on Patari as every play goes towards royalties for the artists: Episode Three of Patari Fanoos: ‘Jee Aao’ by Akhtar Channal and Zohaib Kazi