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One of Pakistani’s most-popular music streaming portal, Patari, constantly works to bring out innovative and new music. Thus, it was no surprise when they announced their latest project, just in time for the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) – ‘Baajay aur Ballay.’

The five-part series will include segments from each of the country’s four provinces and the Federal Capital. The series will focus on the sports and music of Pakistan – encompassing aspects both within and outside the mainstream culture, as Patari always tends to do.

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From Patari Aslis to Patari Tabeer, the platform has always brought us new and unique songs, and it looks ‘Baajay aur Ballay’ will do the same.

The first teaser has a fun light-hearted feel, and we’re eager to hear the first song, releasing tomorrow 1st February.

Check out the teaser here: