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Pakistani actor Ahmed Ali Akbar has given some stellar performances in his career, so far. He won the Lux Style Award in the Best Actor category for his work in Laal Kabootar and also bagged an international award for the same category at Washington DC South Asian Film Festival. Following his superhit drama, Ehd-e-Wafa, the actor will now be seen in Parizaad which features an ensemble cast narrating an unconventional yet interesting story.

“Parizaad, a drama that perfectly encompasses the struggles faced by a man through different phases of life,” reads the description on YouTube.



Ahmed has completely transformed his look for the drama; he plays the character of a dark-skinned guy with a pure heart, however, he does not meet society’s standard of beauty and acceptance. His name is poles apart from his outer appearance. Parizaad is a writer and wins people with his words, however, the shallow society fails to see beyond his appearance. The drama aims to take viewers through the lead’s life which is full of pain and misery.

Apart from him, the drama also stars Saboor Aly as a tomboy which is yet another unconventional character that doesn’t fit our society’s predeterminded standards for women as well. Her family wants her to act like a girl and get married. While there is not enough clarity regarding Ahmed and Saboor’s relationship in the drama, the teasers suggest that they are close.



While the first teaser revolved around Ahmed and Saboor, Ushna Shah also makes an appearance in the second teaser, suggesting a growing romance between her and Ahmed’s character. Apart from these three, the OST also features Naumaan Ijaz, Urwa Hocane and Yumna Zaidi among several prominent actors making the viewers impatient to know more about the drama.



The OST in itself has a separate fanbase; it is beautifully sung in Asrar’s powerful voice, giving more depth to the heartbreaking lyrics. Urwa seems to be in an unhappy relationship with Naumaan Ijaz, who appears to be in a position of power. The clip shows that Urwa’s character has a soft spot for Ahmed’s, however, it is too soon to say anything.



Yumna Zaidi is probably playing the role of an artist/RJ and not much about her character’s relation with Parizaad has been revealed yet.




The story has been penned by Hashim Nadeem and is based on his novel by the same name. Those who have read the novel, know how the story will unfold and wait to see if it is as beautifully translated on screen or not.




Parizaad will air on HUM TV soon. Until then, enjoy the OST here and get surprised at the number of familiar faces in it: