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A month into the new year and Paris Fashion Week has already set a new standard of sensuality and modernism in Haute Couture. From designers like Dior, Balmain, Viktor & Rolf and Valentino, the four-day weekend was filled with satire and exquisite craftsmanship. Fashion lovers were moved by the creativity of designers from feathers to frills; there wasn’t any shortage of innovative design this week.

 Here are our top picks from Paris Fashion Week 2019.




Paris Fashion Week


After a 16-year-hiatus, Balmain made a strong comeback to the haute couture world. Oliver Rousteing brought his futuristic freak vision to life with embellishments, unique silhouettes, feathers, and tulle. With clean lines and silver accents, the show transported us to 2029 and we loved every second of it.

Jean-Paul Gaultier


Paris Fashion Week


Taking inspiration from the East, Jean-Paul’s latest collection paid homage to Japan and the ocean. With twists and turns throughout the show, the collection was diverse and theatrical. The shark shoulders, striped bustiers and nautical themes, although beautiful, seem to be more practical for a stage than a soiree. But that’s Gaultier for you.



 Paris Fashion Week


The Bleached Canvascollection was a mash-up of streetwear and couture. The sleek, white design of the stage was the perfect backdrop to the colourful and bold collection walking down the runway. Embodying the simplicity of beautiful tailoring, Givenchy delivered aesthetic with looks that were both graceful and commanding.




Paris Fashion Week


There are very few catwalks that can move its audience to tears, Valentino achieved just this. Dramatic silhouettes, sugary colours, exaggerated poufs, feathery eyes and intricate embroidery was the theme. Supermodel Naomi Campbell closed the show in a sheer dress looking fierce and confident, proving that you can still be a boss bitch at 48. No wonder Celine Dion was caught shedding a tear during the show.


Viktor & Rolf


Paris Fashion Week


Viktor & Rolf designed a collection of dresses that were shared all over social media targeted to the millennial generation. The juxtaposition of phrases – such as ‘Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come’ and ‘Go to hell’ –  with the romantic, intricately designed gowns was everything. Viktor & Rolf proved that all you need to be Instagram famous are relatable memes even if the dresses underneath the writing are hideous.


Iris van Herpen


Paris Fashion Week


Inspired by celestial maps and astrology the designer tapped into a futuristic world with 3-D printed face jewelry and glow in the dark heels. Creating dresses that resembled clouds and flowers, the collection was beautifully executed with a concept that is rarely seen in fashion. Rather than focusing on re-doing past trends, Iris van Herpen is light years away from his competition.